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Professional Book Editors Association

— a home for editors who are passionate about crafting exceptional books —

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What is the Professional Book Editors Association? (PBEA)

The Professional Book Editors Association is designed to support and educate editors so we can improve the publishing industry and get more first-rate books published.

We are one of the select few associations dedicated to supporting editors' work on books, specifically. We’re a home for editors, whether freelance or working inside a publishing company.

We're training and supporting certified, qualified editors, who make good books great.

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Why Book Editing?

Historically, the book editing profession has been undervalued, career paths unclear, and ongoing training unavailable.


Thanks to all the developments in modern publishing, though, opportunities for editors who specialize in books are on the rise. 


Every year, there are more and more authors looking for high-quality editors to polish their manuscripts and get their books ready for publishing success. Authors looking to be self-published or traditionally published are searching for editing help. With so much diversification, authors need a skilled editing professional by their side.


Who is a PBEA Editor?

A Professional Book Editors’ Association graduate is a true editing professional. They have been put through rigorous qualifications of testing and experience, passed a series of exams to prove their competence, and they specialize in books so they can serve authors at the highest level.

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Find An Editor

Search our directory of highly-qualified book editors. 

Our Code of Ethics

We are always looking for changes in the book publishing world and how we can best help authors in new challenges they may face in preparing their book for publication.


We create clear plans, communicate our expectations of who’s doing what/when/where, and when things change we reach out proactively to our clients and to each other.


With our authors, fellow editors, and colleagues in the publishing profession, we work together to create partnership and community.


We’re all professionals, providing quality work, and we trust each other to show up with integrity, doing what we said we were going to do, to the best of our abilities.


We see how our work makes it possible for authors to change lives, and we see our contributions to changing the publishing industry in concrete, successful differences in peoples’ lives throughout the world.

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